Monday, December 8, 2014

A Chilly Bike Ride Admiring A Fort Worth Monument Before Egg Foo Yunging

In the hot tub this morning I was basking under the glow of a clear blue sky, nary a cloud in sight.

A short time after exiting the hot tub clouds arrived to erase that clear blue sky.

A noonday bike ride was on my schedule today. I was hoping the predicted high in the 60s would arrive in time for a well warmed bout of wheel rolling.

Instead of 60s I rolled in the low 50s. With the rolling wind chill I found myself getting a little cold on the fast downhill slopes. At one point my bike helmet, well, baseball cap, almost blew off.

The most pleasant part of the bike ride, other than having it over, was the stop where my handlebar horns pointed at the Molly the Longhorn horns on the big round monument which greets travelers to Fort Worth as they come into town from the east on Interstate 30.

I think I will  warm myself up now by making a nice hot stir fry, over rice, with egg foo yung.

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