Sunday, November 30, 2014

Today I Learned Mommy Ethan & Grandpa Had Been At Village Creek Park Where There Is No Statue Of Liberty

My handlebars are pointing at a real good clue as to where they are located.

A boy named Ethan, well, I assume Ethan is a boy, chalked a message saying "Mommy Ethan Grandpa Village Creek Park".

Yes, my handlebars were in Arlington at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area for my semi-regular Sunday wheel rolling with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this location.

According to the weather predictors today is the last day before the arrival of a Big Chill on Monday, dropping the temperature from today's near 80 to tomorrow's below freezing.

I suspect the strong wind that I was biking against today is associated with the incoming cold. The strong wind I was biking against today was not anywhere near as gusty as that which blew in my old home zone yesterday. Wind speeds in the 70 mph zone in the north end of Puget Sound.

I first learned of yesterday's Big Blow this morning via a picture of Seattle's Statue of Liberty getting hit by big waves. Usually Seattle's Statue of Liberty has a good buffer between where it stands and waves crashing on Alki Point Beach.

I then checked the West Seattle Blog and saw a lot of pictures of Puget Sound being wilder than I ever remember seeing it. I blogged about this on my Washington Blog in a blogging titled A Showstopper Storm Surge Slaps Waves at Seattle's Alki Point Statue of Liberty. That blogging has a picture of Seattle's Statue of Liberty under yesterday's water siege, along with a link to the West Seattle Blog.

There is a Statue of Liberty in Dallas, at Fair Park. The Dallas Statue of Liberty is never in any danger of getting hit by a storm surge....

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