Friday, November 7, 2014

Today I Crossed A Fort Worth Police Line Before Finding Krogers Gutted

A few weeks ago I was rolling my wheels east on Boca Raton Boulevard when a Fort Worth police vehicle in SUV type form which I'd not seen before passed me.

A short time after passing me the police vehicle surprised me by turning left, up and over the sidewalk, heading into an undeveloped area that takes up a large chunk of land at the northwest corner of Boca Raton and Bridgewood Drive.

A year or two ago I walked the path the police vehicle drove, so as to get a look at the backside of my nearest Chesapeake Energy gas pad site.

Today when I took that same walk I was a little surprised to come upon that which you see above, a DO NOT CROSS POLICE LINE yellow tape. There were multiple instances of the yellow tape taped to bushes.

What happened in my neighborhood that warranted a DO NOT CROSS POLICE LINE warning? One would think I would have heard something if something happened which warranted such a warning.

I did not heed the DO NOT CROSS warning since it seemed obvious, due to the tattered nature of the caution tape signage, that this was no longer any sort of active crime scene. Crossing the DO NOT CROSS line did not provide any evidence as to what went on at this location.

About a half hour after being bum puzzled by a crime scene mystery I came upon another neighborhood mystery. As in what is happening to the old Krogers building that has sat abandoned for years? Today I saw that the interior is being gutted, as in the floor, walls and ceiling have been removed.

New grocery store? If so, I hope it is a Sprouts Farmers Market. Or Town Talk is making a big move.

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Anonymous said...

The Kroger property is being called the Bridgewood Call Center on a site I found.

The construction company that demolished the interior specializes in data centers and telecom work.