Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Wheel Rolling In Gateway Park Before Town Talking Texas Grapefruit

For the first time in a long time I was back at my favorite Saturday photo op location in Gateway Park, prior to a visit to Town Talk.

Damage from a windstorm way back in late September, or was it early October, was the start of a long Gateway Park bike riding drought.

I saw the remains of a lot of chainsawed fallen trees today.

And the carpet of fallen leaves obliterated the trail in multiple locations, making the wheel rolling a bit more challenging than it is on a leaf free trail.

Post Thanksgiving Saturday at Town Talk was the most un-busy I've ever seen Town Talk on a Saturday.

Today's Town Talk Treasure Hunting yielded 6 cases of yogurt, 2 bags of Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, 8 bags of beans, tofu, onions, carrots and bacon.

One thing I learned today was it is not an easy task to handle 6 cases of yogurt. That and I prefer my bike trails to be free of leaves.

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