Friday, August 16, 2013

The Middle Of August With North Texas Chilly & Wet

67 degrees?

The middle of August in Texas with the outer world being naturally air-conditioned to a chilly 67 degrees?

My windows open in the middle of August? I don't believe that has ever happened before.

The outer world is currently being chilled to a temperature about 13 degrees colder than I chill my interior space using unnatural mechanical means when the outer world is being heated into the 100 degree zone.

While Texas is missing out on that rumored Global Warming thing, up in my old home zone of the Western Washington part of the Pacific Northwest the natives have been experiencing a record number of days heated to 80 degrees and above.

In Western Washington 80 degrees and above is considered to be very HOT.

The information gleaned via my computer based weather monitoring device that you see above indicates a light rain is falling.

Whilst I was having my morning swim it was not a light rain that was falling. It was a heavy rain that was pummeling me with big drops of cold wetness. Along with thunder booming in the distance.

I do not see any outer world walking, hiking or biking on my schedule for today. Unless I take myself on a walk inside Sam's Club....

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