Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rolling Through Fort Worth's Gateway Park Finding A Crystal Clear Mountain Stream

No. Those are not rapids in a Pacific Northwest, high in the Cascades, crystal clear mountain stream you are looking at to the left, sent to me by someone up north, trying to make me homesick.

I saw and heard these rapids with my own eyes and ears, today, Saturday, August 10, no where near the west coast, because I am in Texas, where today I rolled my tires on the Gateway Park mountain bike trail and came upon the mountain-like stream view you see in the picture.

Yes, that is the Trinity River, looking natural, clean and clear in a way few get to see.

Then I looked to the left and zoomed in on a view of the Trinity River that is more typical of what I've come to expect when out in the outer world of Fort Worth.

Somehow a couple giant tires made it to this location on the banks of the Trinity River, near Gateway Park. I do not think tires, such as these, can float. There is no nearby road access, that I know of. How did these tires get to this location?

Why do tires show up at so many random isolated locations in Fort Worth? I've found tires on the Tandy Hills, at Quanah Parker Park, at Mallard Cove Park and now at Gateway Park.

Very perplexing.

After having myself a really fine steam bath at Gateway Park I took my wet self to Town Talk where I did not find anything memorable. I do not remember the last time I went to Town Talk and found nothing memorable.

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Steve A said...

Clean Trinity? You've been in Texas for too long!