Friday, August 2, 2013

In His Latest Blog Post We Learn Gar The Texan Wants To Get Buttered Like A Biscuit

In the picture you are looking at the logo that sits atop the blog known as Gar's World. I am guessing the image represents Gar the Texan being on top of the world taking some sort of untoward liberty with Pakistan.

Gar the Texan is a self confessed ardent aficionado of cliches. For instance, Gar applies the cliche "less is more" to just about everything he does.

For instance, believing that less is more, Gar the Texan limits himself to one blog post a month. This scarcity causes the Gar the Texan monthly blog posts to be eagerly anticipated by everyone who eagerly anticipates them.

This month's Gar the Texan Gar's World blog post is titled Practice Makes Perfect.

In Practice Makes Perfect I learned several things about myself, such as I am a fine professional writer and grammar police chief, as detailed in the following paragraphs lifted from Gar the Texan's blog...

Mostly it helps because the Grammar Police Chief (Durango), is usually kind enough to point out all my mistakes. And, to be honest, Durango is a mighty fine writer. He writes more than I read every day.

At the end of each post I'll link you to my favorite current post by Durango so you can read something written by a professional writer and hopefully ease the pain. Don't skip to the end though. That wouldn't be fair.

I think it was Durango who accused me of using too many cliche's. Instead of trying to fix the problem I just have accepted it and made it my own.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Here's Durango discussing the language of Southern Belles. The video is worth watching as well. I like the one who is demanding some sugar. She makes me happy.

Butter my butt and call me a biscuit? That sounds original to me, not a cliche.

The Queen of Wink asked me last week if I was going to attend Gar the Texan's latest wedding with her. That wedding is currently scheduled to take place later this month. Neither the Queen of Wink or myself managed to RSVP in time to secure a spot on the Gar the Texan wedding attendee list.

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