Monday, August 5, 2013

I Came Upon A Mutant Neon Petunia Today On My Walking Tour Of My Favorite Industrial Wasteland

Today, with the Heat Index approaching 100, before noon, I opted out of driving anywhere for my daily walking, hiking or biking powered salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation and instead decided this was a good day to take a walking tour of the Industrial Wasteland that is the place I call home.

If I were typing this in Microsoft's Word, rather than Google's Blogger, I would be being informed that the above paragraph is one monster of a run-on sentence.

I do have a great affection for run-on sentences.

As I walked through my favorite Industrial Wasteland I came upon the un-naturally colored wildflower you see above. The picture does not do justice to how brightly neon this flower looked. Is this some sort of mutant petunia wildflower? I've not seen  this particular bloom before, not that I can recall.

Speaking of getting aerobic stimulation. I have increased my morning pool time to around an hour. I hit the water soon after the sun arrives.

The extra aerobic stimulation seems to help with my ability to concentrate on altering webpages without HTML code getting on my nerves, too much.

To take a break from the hours of webpage altering I've made two new blogs in the past 24 hours. I don't know if anything will come of them. One is called Durango World. Very clever title. The other one is called Durango Tech No.

The theme of Durango Tech No, put real simply, is my phone is not smart, my only tablet is made of paper, I used to be an early technology adopter, but now I lag way behind.

As for Durango World. Well, there are times there are subjects that I feel like commenting on, but which don't seem to fit any of my existing blogs.

Like it crossed my mind the other day that Vladimir Putin exhibits an extreme case of Little Man Syndrome, a trait he shares with one of his predecessors, Joe Stalin.

And then there's that whole royal baby thing that irritates me.

And closing dozens of embassies, basically giving the terrorists a victory without firing a shot.

What is really irritating me right now is I am hungry. That irritation will be alleviated by lunch. Which today is BBQ chicken on Poblano Betard bread. With cole slaw.

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