Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary To My Favorite Mom & Dad

Dad & Mom With Uncle Mooch
UPDATE: Oops. My mom and dad called to day to wish me a Happy Birthday and to tell me this year was their 62nd Anniversary, not 63rd. Have I mentioned before that simple math confuses me?

Today is my mom and dad's 63rd Wedding Anniversary.

Today is also the 69th Anniversary of the first time an atom bomb was used as a weapon of mass destruction, with the destruction of Hiroshima helping finally bring an end to World War II.

I am not totally certain, but I believe when my mom and dad got married my dad had already joined, or had been drafted, into the army.

This was during the Korean War.

Dad did not get sent to Korea. He was sent to Europe.

France specifically.

I have never heard dad say much about his time in France. Except for not wanting to return. And that the French public restrooms were not of American quality.

When dad returned stateside, mom met him in New York City. I do not know how mom got to New York City. Bus or train? I know she did not fly, because my mom does not like to get in an airplane.

I know mom and dad wandered around New York City, seeing the sights. At one point they were wanting to see the Empire State Building and take the elevator to the top. They could not find the building. Finally they got up the courage to ask where the Empire State Building was. And were a little embarrassed to learn that it was the building they'd been standing under, as they walked around the block looking for it.

I do not know if my mom and dad bought it in New York City, but somewhere on the east coast a car was purchased. It was in that car my mom and dad took their first tour of America, making a long return to the far northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest, to the town of Lynden, from whence they came.

If I remember correctly, when mom and dad left New York City they headed south, down the eastern seaboard, to Florida, then west across the South.

I do not know if they passed through Texas at that point in time. I suspect not, as they gave no indication of having been here before, way back then, when they visited me here, in October of 2001. Mom and dad did pass through Texas during their post-retirement RV trip across America in 1995.

Another thing I do remember being told about mom and dad's 1950s trip across America was their journey into California's Death Valley. They'd heard one needed to bring plenty to drink. In their youthful innocence, mom and dad thought that meant they needed to bring beer to Death Valley. Mom and dad have never been alcohol consumers, not then, not now, never.

But, mom and dad bought beer as their form of the needed Death Valley hydration. When they got to the HOT part of Death Valley their vehicle started overheating. Nowadays one is advised to turn off a vehicle's A/C when entering Death Valley's heat, so as not to overheat the engine. Back then, vehicular A/C had not yet been invented.

As I remember the story, when mom and dad overheated they opened bottles of beer, with both spitting out the vile liquid, due to its disgusting taste.

I do not know, and have never asked, if it was beer mom and dad poured into their vehicle's overheated cooling system.

Mom and dad got married on August 6. Their eldest was born on August 11.

Years later.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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