Friday, February 1, 2013

Due To Danger You Must Not Smoke At My Neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Gas Pad Site

Today I opted out of driving anywhere for my daily salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation and instead, once again, took a walking tour of my neighborhood.

Soon upon leaving my abode my mobile telecommunication device made its incoming call noise. It was Frita Fremont. I'd not talked to Frita for a couple days.

So, Frita walked and talked with me til I got to my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Pad Site and saw a picture I wanted to take.

I told Frita I'd talk to her later, stuck the mobile telecommunication device in one pocket and took my digital photo taking device out of another pocket to take the picture you see above.

I am sure this sign has been stuck to this fence for quite some time. But I had not made note of it til I saw it whilst talking to Frita.


What causes the DANGER? Is there some possibility that non-odorized natural gas may be leaking, un-detected, and thus pose an explosion risk?

Does the DANGER cease at the fence? Is there no DANGER across the street, at Albertsons? How about due west, at the apartment complex adjacent to this DANGER zone?

Non-odorized natural gas runs from the DANGER zone under the parking lot of the apartment complex due west.

If there is a chance of a leak causing a DANGER at the gas pad site, requiring a warning sign, why are there no NO SMOKING warning signs above the pipeline that runs under the apartment's parking lot?

I tell you, living in the Barnett Shale is very perplexing...

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Anonymous said...

Perplexing indeed, with potentially explosive results and carnage. Imagine the domino effects from a mishap in such a scenerio in densely populated urban residential+commercial location such as yours (let's call it the Moncrief Mayhem in honor of our dear great gasfather): the massive line leaks/explodes causing combustible other gas lines going to homes and businesses to join the gaiety which combine with vehicle fuels in parked cars and apartment building materials make for quite a Fourt Julyish fireworks spectacular. It probably won't be as hot as it could be since the water and sewer lines would likely explode as well and help offset the heat for the survivors waiting until it's safe enough for first responders to try and reach them, which history has shown could be up to hours due to extremely high heat and lack of equipment/training. Plus the wait for the gas company to find somebody aho knows where and how to turn of the flow of gas fueling the fires.

But on the bright side, CHK and their political buddies are likely right about one boast: lots of jobs. Like media hoards, medical/ rehab personnel, psychiatric and spiritual aid, clean up and reconstruction, insurance and bureaucratic people investigating and pointing fingers while lawyers swoop in to get pieces of the pie. Lots of jobs, especially in ICUs and morgues and funeral homes.