Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today The Fosdick Turtles Were Performing For The Oakland Lake Park Crowd Of Visitors

Fosdick Turtles & Their Happy Dancing
Apparently summer decided to make a temporary return to North Texas for Thanksgiving Week, which had the turtles of Fosdick Lake in high fiving celebrating mood, today, after their recent bouts with frigid temperatures.

Why are the turtles of Fosdick Lake, in Oakland Lake Park, such willing photo posers? While the turtles who live with the Indian Ghosts in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area are totally camera shy, so much so that I've never successfully taken a picture of any of them.

It may be that the turtles of Fosdick Lake are used to having a lot of close encounters with humans.

Like today.

I don't remember ever seeing so many little kids walking around Fosdick Lake as I did today.

Below you see some of the kids and their parental units. The pair of tall blondes were maternal units to some of the kids. Prior to the scene in the below picture one of the tall blondes let out a very charming yell with a very thick Texas accent, yelling to her kids, "Y'all get back here now."

I find a good thick Texas accent to be very charming. Even when the accent goes into yelling mode it still sounds charming to my Yankee ears.

Elsie Hotpepper has a pretty good Texas accent. I've never heard Elsie Hotpepper in yell mode, not that I remember. Some Texas accents, like the one that lady had in the above photo, well they just sort of drip honey. Elsie Hotpepper is not exactly a honey dripper, her delivery is too rapid for that, but the Hotpepper accent is still quite pleasant to listen to.

For several mornings of late I've run the furnace to heat up this space. This afternoon my windows are open.

I went swimming this morning. I lasted a couple minutes before I got in the hot tub. But the hot tub was quickly too hot, so I got back in the cool pool and swam for several more minutes.

|With today's high supposed to be in the 80 degree range I suspect I will be able to swim as long as I want to tomorrow morning, without going into shiver mode.

I have all my fixin's, for the most part, for my Thanksgiving Buffet. Invitation only. $30 a person, includes beverage.


cd0103 said...

Does that $30 include adult beverage? We may actually stay home this year. We have both been sick and I have been running 100+ fever since Saturday. So, may choose not to be Typhoid Mary and let the grandchildren escape without germs.

Steve A said...

How can you say "Summer has returned?" The thermometer isn't even hitting 80 (as a high, not a low). Often, the morning temperatures have been lower than Ocean Shores. Perhaps, we're green with envy about the balmy PNW...

Durango said...

cd0103, yes the $30 includes adult beverages. It's an all you can eat til the food is all gone buffet, with several boxes of cheap wine of various types, which is also all you can drink until the wine is all gone.

Hope your ailing gets over quick. 100+ fever is not a good thing.

Durango said...

Steve A, I guess I was channeling my PNW weather sensibility when I said summer had returned. Today would be considered a heat wave in summer in the PNW. Have you been reading about their record breaking rain the past day or so?