Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Public Is Notified That A Chunk Of OakLand Lake Park Is Being Converted To Non-Recreational Use

Today I returned to Oakland Lake Park for the first time in what seems a long time, to walk around Fosdick Lake.

Upon entering the park I was greeted by the cockeyed sign you see in the picture, a public notice telling the public park users that....

Approximately .20 acres of parkland at this site is being considered for conversion to non-recreational use.

Two-tenths of an acre is not a very big chunk of land. To what type non-recreational use is this little parcel of parkland being considered for conversion?

Is two-tenths of an acre big enough for a gas drilling pad site?

What other non-recreational use could there be? My feeble imagination draws a blank.

Other than this mysterious PUBLIC NOTICE the walk around Fosdick Lake was very pleasant today. No wind. Dead calm on the lake. Lots of ducks busy floating. Lots of turtles busy sunbathing.


Steve A said...

Your paranoia is showing. 0.2 acres is about right for a maintenance depot. A drilling pad would be larger.

Steve A said...

Did you call the phone number?

Durango said...

No, Steve A, I did not call the number. I have gone down that road before at time or two to find the person on the other end having no idea what I was calling about.

Double Ugly said...

I'm guessing that the land will be for a cell phone tower.