Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spencer Jack Is Getting Old, But Not As Old As His Aunt Nancy

That is my great grand nephew, Spencer Jack, you are looking at in the picture.

To create this picture Spencer Jack's dad used a flattering app on his iPhone that 'Oldifys' a person.

In this case Spencer Jack has been oldified to 70 years old. That's older than me.

Yesterday morning there was incoming from Spencer Jack's dad. a  video in the Apple Quicktime .mov format. I don't like how intrusive Apple's Quicktime is when one installs it on ones computer, so I de-installed Quicktime a long time ago.

I replied to Spencer Jack's dad's email explaining my lack of easy Quicktime playing and inquired if this video was something I needed to see and thus worth the bother of converting it to a YouTube video for my viewing pleasure.

Spencer Jack's dad replied back that converting the video to a YouTube video was probably not worth the effort. He then sent another email  with the subject line being "This one may be worth the effort!"

A followup email contained the above picture of the elderly Spencer Jack.

So, logged into Google, then YouTube and uploaded both videos.

I was appalled to see that the one Spencer Jack's dad sent me yesterday was of me aged to 70. The appalling part was I thought I looked more youthful in that video than I do in my present moment reality.

The second video, the one Spencer Jack's dad said "may be worth the effort," was not me being aged. It was Spencer Jack's Aunt Nancy, she being my Big Sister, aged to 70. Or maybe it is 80. That is older than my mom.

I think my big sister will be surprised by how much she will be looking like our sainted mother in a few years....


Unknown said...

How many members of your family really like you?
How many members of your family would like to chase you around with a stick and whack at you?

Durango said...

Unknown, near as I can tell the answers to your questions are 18 and 4.

Anonymous said...

The "18" figure seems a little high.

Durango said...

Well, Anonymous, if that really is your name, Unknown did not specify, in his query, if the count counted both living and dead, so that is the option I went with, hence arriving at the number 18.