Friday, November 16, 2012

On The Tandy Hills Again Following Trail Markers To Sites Of Possible Pagan Rituals

I was back on the Tandy Hills today for the first time since Wednesday. I am terrible at math, but I think that is two days ago.

A lot has happened on the Tandy Hills since my last visit, two days ago.

Today I came upon one of the new directional markers that are being installed to help reduce the problem of people getting lost on the maze of trails that meander all over the Tandy Hills.

I was a little surprised when I descended Mount Tandy today to get to the trail junction where the Tandy Shrine formerly sat to find the Tandy Shrine has been totally removed. This removal had to have taken place since sometime between noon on Wednesday and noon today, which is Friday, if I am right about what day it is today.

The missing Tandy Shrine is a minor Tandy mystery. I came upon two MAJOR Tandy mysteries today, mysteries which were not mystifying me when I hiked past their location last Wednesday.

The trail marker you see in the picture above is located on the trail that leads into the Tandy Hills from the park on View Street. The trail marker is at the first trail junction. If you follow the arrow on the marker, pointing to the "Rabbit" trail, you will soon come to another trail junction, currently unmarked. Go right at this junction and you will soon go down a hill, to a gully with a dry creek bed, cross the dry creek bed and you will see the new Tandy Mystery #1.

Above was my first Tandy Mystery of the day. Someone has made a rock monument pedestal. That pedestal is surrounded by a rock wall. On top of the rock monument pedestal there is a goblet half filled with an amber colored liquid. On the ground to the left of the rock monument pedestal there is a white object. I  had to get close up to determine what that white object was.

I was more than a little surprised to see that the white object was a full bulb of garlic. That is the garlic you see in the picture above, in the middle foreground.

Doesn't garlic have something to do with vampires and werewolves? Were some loony teenagers having themselves some sort of party related to the opening of the final chapter of those inexplicably popular Twilight movies? Is this the site of some sort of pagan ritual?

What is the amber liquid? I did not submit the amber liquid to a sniff test. I did not touch anything at this location.

I continued on. Soon after leaving the amber liquid and garlic the trail goes up a hill, then down a hill, then up another hill, past the previously mentioned, in previous bloggings, Creepy Tandy Crypt. The Creepy Tandy Crypt appeared months ago, near the center of the Tandy Hills. Ground had been dug, a huge rock placed over the hole in the ground, with other rocks added, making what looked like a crypt.

Well, today I was disturbed to see that the Creepy Tandy Crypt has been disturbed, making this disturbance Tandy Mystery #2.

Dirt has been moved from under the large rock that makes up the bulk of the Creepy Tandy Crypt. I imagine the rock is too heavy for an ordinary mortal to lift, so, someone tried to dig under it to try and determine what is in the Creepy Tandy Crypt.

All I could see, when looking inside the opening, under the crypt, was what looked like black plastic sheeting, the sort of sheeting one might wrap something in before sticking it in an ice chest to haul it somewhere to bury it.

The bigger mystery of today's Tandy Mystery #2 was the large clam shell that has been placed in front of the opening to the Creepy Tandy Crypt. This clam shell was almost as big as a horse clam shell one might find on a Puget Sound beach in Washington.

Why would someone bring a large clam shell to the Tandy Hills and place it at this location?

Methinks it may be time to install security cameras on the Tandy Hills, in addition to trail markers.

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