Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mountain Biking In Gateway Park Before Having Fish & Chips

My handlebars were back on the Gateway Park Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association mountain bike trail today.

In the picture you are looking over my handlebars at a trail junction. It is a bit dark under the Gateway Park jungle canopy, so you can barely make out the trail direction sign pointing to the right.

If one were to miss seeing that sign pointing one in the right direction, one might quickly find oneself flying over a cliff into the Trinity River.

I am liking the cooler temperatures whilst hiking and biking. The cooler pool temperature is also being enjoyable, so far. This morning the pool was cool, but not too cool. I continue to find that if the 24 hour average is 50 degrees, or above, the pool is not too cool.

When I used to go swimming in Washington lakes, in summer, I suspect the temperature was very similar to my current slightly cool pool.

I am making fish and chips for lunch. It is my celebration lunch to celebrate the end of another election. Four years goes by so fast. The next election will soon be upon us.

It seems like only yesterday, but, it was 8 years ago, on the day after that election, that being the one where George W. Bush beat John Kerry, I was up in Washington at that point in time, in Tacoma. Sara, the Chocolate Lady, took a group of mourners, including me, out to Zoopa, to drown our sorrows in salad, so morose were we at the idea of 4 more years of George Bush.

The buzzer has buzzed. Time for fish and chips. And salad.

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Anonymous said...

Please drop the bike handlebars pictures. Now. It's dragging your blog down. No excuses.