Sunday, November 4, 2012

Almost Going Over A Cliff Again In Gateway Park Without Daylight Savings Time

My handlebars were back in Gateway Park on the FWMBA (Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association) mountain bike trail this first Sunday of the next to last month of 2012.

The location of my handlebars, this time, is different than the last time I took a picture of my bike about to go over a cliff into the Trinity River.

The Trinity River is that real slow moving slimy green water-like entity you see below the handlebars.

This morning it was a real nice thing to be rid of that annoying Daylight Savings Time aberration that has the sun arriving later in the morning than I prefer.

This morning I went swimming before 7. Yesterday if I had gone swimming before 7 it would have been in the dark.

There was a lot of soccer game action today in Gateway Park. The appeal of that sport has always alluded me.

There were also a lot of disc golfers today in Gateway Park. The appeal of that sport has also always alluded me.

There were not a lot of mountain bikers today in Gateway Park. The appeal of that sport has never alluded me.

I'm am sitting here waiting for the lunch buzzer. When the buzzer buzzes this will indicate that the oven fries I'm frying in the oven are ready for consumption. This morning I BBQed some pork product.

When the buzzer buzzes, lunch today will consist of the aforementioned oven fries and BBQ pork product, plus salad made from Romaine, with yellow peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes and olives. Today's lunch drink is  grapefruit juice lemonade. This tastes better than it sounds.

The buzzer will be buzzing in about 10 minutes. If you want to come for lunch you'd best hurry up and get here.

The buzzer is buzzing. I was off with my time estimate.

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Anonymous said...

Neither the appeal of soccer nor the appeal of disc golf has “alluded” you. What has escaped your grasp are both the meaning of the word “allude” and the correct word choice of “elude.” Did you go to school in Washington state?