Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Morning Gas Pipeline Warning From Chesapeake Energy

This morning I decided I needed to add cherry pie to my Thanksgiving Buffet.

The closest cherry pie to my location was a short distance from my abode, so I walked over to Albertsons where I was surprised by what a large number of people were shopping for groceries on Thanksgiving morning.

On the way to a cherry pie I walked by a new addition to the neighborhood, across the street from Albertsons.

A  GAS PIPELINE WARNING sign, courtesy of Chesapeake Energy.

I guess this means that the newly installed pipeline now has non-odorized natural gas flowing through it.

Behind the sign, in the center of the picture, there are a bunch of pipes coming out of the ground.

There is no security in the form of impenetrable fencing on this particular gas pad site, located at the east end of Boca Raton Boulevard. A short, easily climbed over, chain link fence surrounds part of this gas pad site.

The bunch of pipes in the above picture looks sort of vulnerable. It is outside the area surrounded by a short chain link fence. I can see where some of the neighborhood kids might not realize they are doing a bad thing turning a valve or two.

My other neighborhood Chesapeake Energy gas pad site has a tall brick wall around it. While the Albertsons Chesapeake Energy gas pad site sits exposed to the world.

I suspect a better fence will appear at some point in time.

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