Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Strong Veterans Day Storm Is Blowing Into North Texas With Freezing & Pomegranates

If the weather predictors are correct with their prediction, this 2012 Veterans Day Sunday will see a strong storm storming its way into North Texas.

The graphics in this particular blogging I gleaned from this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Apparently this incoming storm will have cold air following it, which may have us freezing in North Texas by Monday night.

I am not a big fan of freezing.

I am only a couple minutes into typing this weather report and I am seeing raindrops dropping on my computer room window.

I probably should shut my windows, what with this incoming rain coming in. I had my bedroom window slightly open all night long. This made for a very pleasant temperature in my slumber chamber.

Swimming this morning was also very pleasant, what with the air being heated to a temperature in the 70s,  with the water slightly cooler than the air. Tomorrow morning will likely be my last swim for awhile. I'll need to be getting my water kicks in in the hot tub instead of the pool.

And, on another atmosphere related note, for the first time since my respiratory system started rebelling on me, with allergic maladies, the Pollen Index is Low. I guess this may explain my current ease of breathing.

I am guessing that better than Low is when the Pollen Index indicates it is Good.

Changing subjects from Pollen to exotic fruits.

Yesterday, at ALDI, I got myself some Pomegranates. Previously I have had no success with getting the tasty seeds out of a Pomegranate. Since this is such a popular, and healthy, fruit, I figured there must be some technique to release the tasty seeds. Googling gave me the technique. As soon as I hit the publish button on this blogging I am moving on to Pomegranates.

As in, right now.

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cd0103 said...

I received a whopping 0.03 inches of rain today. Darn it. Wanted to play with my water barrels. On the positive side, I got to try out my super duper rain gauge.