Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Hiking On The Flooding Tandy Hills of Fort Worth

We have had no rain, in this part of America I am currently living in, for quite a few days.

So, I was surprised to come to the first creek crossing I come to after I get on the Tandy Highway after coming down the south side of Mount Tandy, to find that creek crossing to be flooding.

Did a sewer or water pipeline break upstream? My co-hiker today claimed it appeared to be sewer water due to the smell and grayish color.

But when I crossed the flood zone I detected no particular odor or grayish color to the water.

What I do know is a large volume of water was flowing. I don't recollect ever seeing water flowing through this particular creek bed before. An hour later the flood had not yet made it all the way to Tandy Falls.

On the way to the Tandy Hills today water was flowing down Bridge Street in large volume, heading west, entering a storm drain prior to Nolan High School and Oakland Boulevard.

I tell you, we are leaking water all over my zone of Fort Worth. But, that's no big deal. There is no water shortage in these parts.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered a broken water main once during the last drought and reported it to a passing cop while I was out walking one night. Before that the cop would occasionally shine his light into my face. After that he would stop and ask me if I happened to see someone in the neighborhood that they, the cops, were looking for. Or he would crack a joke my way.