Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Second Saturday Of April In Texas Has Dawned Heated To 70 Degrees With No Government Shutdown

I was up late Friday night and thus up late Saturday morning.

It appears this second Saturday of April has dawned with yet one more clear blue sky day in Texas, as you can clearly see, looking out one of my viewing portals on the world.

Yesterday started off that way too. But by noon hazy grayness had moved in.

I was so relieved this morning to see the news that a government shutdown had been averted at the last minute. What would have become of all of us if the government ceased to exist? It is just too troubling to even consider such a dire thing.

Like John Lennon once said, "Imagine there's no government, I wonder if you can." Or something like that.

It is 70 degrees at this point in time. I think I will go swimming now.

Talk to you later.

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