Saturday, April 2, 2011

J.D. Granger's Magic Trees Saving Arlington From The Trinity River While Not Worrying About Haltom City Getting Saved

Yesterday I made a video about J.D. Granger's Magic Trees.

I should have edited the video much shorter, leaving out the question that led to J.D. revealing the surprising news that he is busy planting 80,000 trees in Fort Worth's Gateway Park for the express purpose of protecting Arlington, which is downstream from Fort Worth, from flooding accelerated by J.D.'s Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

I brightened the video and made J.D. louder so you can somewhat better understand his garbled Texas accent.

Yesterday I also made a short video of a clip sent to me of the "Up a Creek" documentary movie (now viewable online). The short clip made mention of the fact that Miss Layla Caraway observed 30 foot trees being torn out of the ground by the flooding Haltom City Creek that was trying to swallow her home.

Can none of the 80,000 Trinity River Vision Magic Anti-Flood Trees be given to long-suffering Haltom City?

People have died in Haltom City floods, including one little girl. Haltom City is only a few miles north of Gateway Park. Haltom City is a border town of Fort Worth.

Can't Fort Worth look into its troubled soul long enough to spare some Magic Trees to stop the out of control Haltom City creeks?

I know that taking down the badly outdated Trinity River levees, which have stopped flooding for over 50 years, is very important. And that replacing them with a giant flood control ditch, at great cost, is a very forward thinking thing to think.

And spending a lot of money to build a little pond that will serve as a swimming lake and a drinking water source, in addition to water storage, according to J.D. Granger, is a really smart thing to be investing in.

But can't a few dollars be spared to give Haltom City, and the other Mid-Cities some of the Magic Anti-Flood Trees that J.D. Granger and the Trinity River Vision have developed in their nationally acclaimed, internationally recognized, visionary vision?

Below you can more clearly hear J.D. talk about his Magic Trees....

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