Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Is Easter Morning In Texas With Wildfire Smoke And Ham & Eggs

Today is the last Sunday of April. It is also Easter. The last time I went to an Easter Sunrise church deal it was in the 30 degree range and foggy.

That 30 degree Easter Sunrise was at Roozengarde in the Skagit Valley, surrounded by thousands of tulips.

I don't think there is anywhere in Texas that I can go and be surrounded by thousands of tulips.

Easter Sunrise in Texas this morning was nowhere near freezing. More like 40 degrees above freezing.

I have my windows open. The smoky smell of wildfires is definitely in the air.

I don't believe yesterday's predicted t-storm arrived in my location. If it did, I missed it. Why are all these predicted t-storms not materializing?

Because it is Easter I am having ham and eggs for breakfast. But, before the ham and eggs, I am going swimming.

I forgot to ask. Does anyone know why Easter is called Easter? I know why Christmas is called Christmas, sort of, but Easter is a mystery to me.


CatsPaw said...

Again, we have a mixing of Pagan and Christian beliefs and practices ... the name was probably taken from the spring fertility goddess Oestre who brought the end of winter and new life at the vernal equinox.

Spring. Fertility. Now we know why those "umbrellas" were at Prairie Fest! (Interestingly, "oestre" is also the root word for estrogen, the female hormone.) Eggs, bunnies ... umm hmm.

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs after the spring equinox which is why the date changes each year.

Durango said...

Thanks, CatsPaw, for clearing up the Easter mystery for me. Did I see you at Prairie Fest yesterday?

CatsPaw said...

No, wasn't there. I've gotten a bit squirrelly around large assemblages of humans. That said, I am not so shy that I wouldn't sidle up and mutter, "CatsPaw" had I recognized you. Looked like fun; maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Just like school, Sundays-- whether it be called Easter or Resurrection Sunday-- are still apt descriptors of most so called pillars of the community around here, particularly public officials: NO CLASS.

Good thing there are good and decent folks like you and CatsPaw, though.