Friday, April 22, 2011

Fort Worth's Goofy Mayor Mike Moncrief Turns Into Spiderman On A Fort Worth Skyscraper

I've been asked a time or two why I think Fort Worth's mayor, Mike Moncrief, is goofy.

How would I know why he is goofy? I'm no psychiatrist.

I suppose if one did not follow, too closely, the antics of Fort Worth's mayor, it might sound a bit rude when I refer to him as Fort Worth's goofy mayor, Mike Moncrief.


I've seen the mayor shooting pistols with the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, in downtown Fort Worth.

That is goofy.

I have seen the mayor pour purple Kool-Aid in to the Trinity River after reading a proclamation renaming a section of the river after a local football team. Fort Worth's mayor was trying to dye the river purple.

That is goofy.

And then this morning, in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there were photos of Fort Worth's goofy mayor, Mike Moncrief, trying to rappel down the side of a downtown Fort Worth building.

That is goofy.

The goofy mayor forgot his rappelling instructions, which caused him to start his descent upside down.

That is also goofy.


Gail Galtex said...

This is one of your best! Made me smile and LOL.

Stenotrophomonas said...

Apparently the building now belongs to XTO. I wonder if this erection will increase its height after he fondles it down its whole length.....

Gail Galtex said...

I wonder what Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. needs the donations for? I'm not really sure what they do, but we found out we were "members" when they started sending us emails. When we asked to unsubscribe and find out how they got our email address, they said the owner of our apartment paid our dues and gave them our email address. We had no idea. So much for privacy.

Around The Blog said...

What's the helmet for? Now that is goofy. Haha!

young don said...

The helmet helps the driver of the little yellow bus find him afterwards. Jimmy McDermott of MHMR-Tarrant County wears one, too. Better check under Jim Lane's big ol' cowboy hat, too. I thing they all ride on the same little bus called "The FW wAy". Such special people.