Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspired By A Texan Panhandling Guitar Man I Am Thinking Of Begging With Bongos

You are looking at my driver's side rear view mirror. What you are looking at is a blurry, leathery, cowboy hat wearing, guitar playing panhandler.

I'd been to the bank. I've finally mastered the new, ultra high-tech Chase ATMs and have now successfully deposited checks 4 times in a row without incident.

After I left the ATM I went to Town Talk. I got some good stuff. Then it was on to the Beach Street Wal-Mart Supercenter.

When I reached the intersection of Beach Street and the 121 Airport Freeway a yellow light stopped me. A guitar playing beggar man was strumming on the median. He quickly assessed that I was not rolling down my window to give him any change. But others did.

The light was almost green before my internal light bulb turned on and I got out my camera. I thought it'd make a cool picture using the rear view mirror. It probably would have if my rear view mirror and window had been cleaned sometime in this century.

It was about 90 when the guitar strumming panhandler was busy doing his shadeless begging. I would think there would be easier ways to make a buck than strumming a guitar under the HOT sun on a semi-busy street. The guitar strummer is quite a distance away from the homeless shelter on Lancaster Avenue.

I wonder where he goes when the sun goes down?

Maybe guitar playing panhandling pays real well and he's got himself a fine place to live. He did seem to be semi-well dressed. And his cowboy hat was quite nice.

I do not have a guitar, but I do have bongo drums. I'm thinking I might go do me some bongo drum panhandling tomorrow. I need to think of a shady intersection.

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Anonymous said...

you are a jerk - go back to washington you jackass!