Monday, July 26, 2010

Having Myself A Good Time Overheating On The Tandy Hills

You are looking west towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, from a vista high atop one of the many Tandy Hills, today, the last Monday of July, at approximately noon.

Right now, at about 2 in the afternoon, it is 93.6, with the high humidity Heat Index making it feel like 100.

When I went hiking, to get my much needed endorphin fix, it was barely 90 with the Heat Index making it feel like 97.

To me it felt like 110. Or HOTTER. There was no wind, and so no Wind Chill Factor to counter that vexing Heat Index.

Today I overheated, even while running four 18.9 ounce bottles of water through my personal radiator.

I do have to say, the metabolic process that causes water to ooze from every pore, to ooze until it's like you've become one big moving water leaker, well, it really is like being in some natural sauna/steambath.

Very addictive.

But, today, I did overheat. And now I'm back under the protective cover of air-conditioned comfort.


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

Right now in my town it is 79 degrees in the shade and it feels hot to me. But that is just me. No exercising, just house cleaning.

Durango said...

Betty Jo, you are only 2 degrees cooler than Texas right now. A little weather action dropped the temp from the mid 90s to the low 80s. Brrrr. I can't do any house cleaning this time of year. I'd overheat, even with the A/C running.

Steve A said...

I must say, I'll have to visit these Tandy Hills sometime...

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

As rich as you are Durango, you probably have a maid anyway.

Durango said...

Steve A, I lived in my current location for 6 years, only 4 miles from the Tandy Hills, without a clue that such trails were there waiting for me. I'd drive all the way to Cedar Hills State Park just to get some hill hiking.