Friday, April 4, 2008

Gar the Texan Libertarian

The most erudite Texan entity I've met during my long exile in the Lone Star State has been a mullet head who goes by the name of Gar. I call him Gar the Texan. Though Gar the Texan is, like I said, quite erudite, he at times has the ability to be quite baffling.

Like one time we pedaled bikes to the now defunct Heritage Park in downtown Fort Worth. It is sort of a historical monument located where Fort Worth began. As a Fort. However, despite the name and despite being born and raised in Texas, it came as a revelation to Gar the Texan that Fort Worth began as an actual Fort.

Gar the Texan is a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party. He regularly runs for the Texas legislature as a Libertarian. He gets hundreds of votes. He has not yet been elected.

Gar the Texan Libertarian married a former Communist East German girl. How one reconciles being a Libertarian while married to an ex-Communist I can't quite figure out. Not that I've actually spent all that much time trying to reconcile the seeming contradiction.

So, yesterday I learned that Gar the Texan is now sharing his eruditeness with the world via MySpace where he is Blogging his eruditeness for the enlightenment and amusement of the rest of humanity, rather than keeping it all to himself.

Be warned, if you go to Gar the Texan's MySpace page you will be blasted by some awful hard rock sounding thing blasting noise from the past, like the 70s. The mullet head era. Or like we called that style up in the northwest, a Pocatello Doo. Pocatello is an isolated town in Idaho that almost unanimously adopted the mullet head look. Gar the Texan was born and raised in Kermit, Texas, an isolated town in Texas. Hence the mullet. Which I must admit he has long been rid of.

UPDATE: I have heard from the extremely vain, Gar the Texan. He objected to me sharing his 'old' look with my millions of readers. He demanded that I add a more recent photo and pointed me to his webpage for his Libertarian campaign to become the District 91 State Representative. I've not seen Gar the Texan in person in quite some time. It looks like he's had some work done to his face in addition to the new haircut.


lulu said...

That is one ugly picture, it startles me every time I bring your web page up. L

Durango said...

Sorry. Is it as startling as the armadillo? I added a new and improved version. Does it startle you too?

gar said...

I was going for startling. I don't much like the ugly part though. I must remember that it's only an opinion. What is ugly to some is beautiful to others.
You are misleading in your update. That picture was for my 2006 run for District 91. I'm not running this year as I plan to be moved by the end of the year (out of district 91).
I'm also leaning away from Libertarianism in many respects.
Lulu scares me.

Durango said...

This is amusing. Your latest blogging led me to this long ago blogging, where Lulu, one of the ugliest people I have ever known, had the gall, to comment that Gar the Texan was ugly.

If Gar the Texan is reading this, Lulu is the fat pig I later came to call Jabba the Hut. I can't believe I let that dog get away with her toxic comment about you.

But this was during a period when I was still dealing with her. Why? I do not know. It disturbs me. And seeing this post comment from that piggy ugly, super fat dog, just reminds me that I am way too tolerant. I have fixed that. I hope.