Thursday, May 20, 2021

I've Been COVID Vaccinated So Free To Roam The Country

 A little over 24 hours ago I got shot with the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

If I remember right this was the first time this century I have been shot.

Methinks needle technology has improved since the last time I got stuck with a needle. Because I barely felt the needle go into my arm yesterday.

It was so pain-free I did not realize I had been shot, so about 30 seconds after I thought I felt a little tingle I asked the shot administrator when are you gonna shoot me? 

The shot administrator then said the needle has been in your arm for a half a minute.

I've had zero after effect. No pain at the injection site. Nothing.

This morning I went to both ALDI and across the street from ALDI, to Walmart.

ALDI has added a new sign at the store's entry since I was last at that location a couple days ago. No longer is there a sign saying all who enter must be masked. Now a sign says if you have been vaccinated ALDI is not requiring you to wear a mask.

And then on to Walmart I was surprised to see all the masks required signs have been removed. Most Walmart employees were still masked, but I saw several without.

I wore my mask into both ALDI and Walmart.

It will take me awhile to shake the feeling that I don't want to be mask-less lest people think I'm an idiot Republican right wing nut job Trumper.

The majority of people in both ALDI and Walmart were wearing masks today.

I suspect the number of maskers will be steadily dropping as time marches forward. And soon I will feel free to roam about the country.

Unless something bad happens...

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