Sunday, April 4, 2021

Linda Lou's Happy Easter Giant Shrimp Without Alligator Nuggets

Above is the result of a recipe the Skagit Valley's Linda Lou directed me to last week. The completed project is in its final stage of resting for an hour, to let the various ingredients merge as one, before being consumed as this year's Texas Easter Dinner. 

The only recipe ingredient I could not find at my backwoods backwards grocery store challenged location was Italian flat parsley. The recipe also called for fresh dill which I thought I would have trouble finding, but Linda Lou gave me directions which proved fruitful, well, dillful.

The recipe called for prawns. Those also were not to be found. So I substituted extra large shrimp. When Linda Lou asked if the seafood section at my Walmart had prawns, I told her I doubted it would, but that there are frog legs available in the Walmart seafood section.

And when I found the giant shrimp, next to the frog legs, I saw something I had not seen before in the Walmart seafood section, that being what you see photo documented below.

Alligator Nuggets and Filet of Alligator.

I was experiencing a buffet in Las Vegas once, I think it was at the Rio Casino, touted as the world's biggest buffet, and frog legs were among the items being buffeted. I did not try them.

I do not think I have ever eaten anything reptilian. I saw lots of people eating deep fried rattlesnake my one and only time experiencing the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup.  

Well, it is now about time for that aforementioned Happy Easter dinner. At an hour past noon...

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