Friday, March 5, 2021

Wichita Falls Winter Storm Impact

This informative information you see above showed up yesterday. Right at this moment I am not remembering where it showed up. Probably Facebook.

When the snow began to pile up last month I was surprised to see snowplows plowing the snow. I wondered why this town which gets so little snow would have snowplows.

I do not remember my old hometowns in Washington having snowplows plowing snow when snow created a problem. And snow in the Western Washington lowlands happens more frequently than my current location.

And from the above info we learn that not only does this town have snowplows, those snowplows plowed 876 miles of snow. 

It does not surprise me too much that the temperature going below zero is the coldest it has been here in over 50 years. Apparently by some accounting this was the first ever statewide disaster. I thought that was electing and re-electing creepy Ted Cruz was considered by many to be a statewide disaster.

I was not here in 1985 to know that the recent snow covering was the most since 1985.

My current abode is a short distance south of the infamous Wichita Falls 1979 Tornado known locally as Terrible Tuesday. I did not know til reading it that the recent power outage was the largest since Terrible Tuesday.

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