Saturday, March 13, 2021

Returning Again To My Old Washington Home With More Detail


A few days ago my Favorite Nephew Jason caused me to virtually Return To My Old Home In Mount Vernon Washington.

In blogging about my return to my old home I made mention of some of the changes that sort of unsettled me for inexplicable reasons.

And I mentioned wondering what was done to the bathrooms, specifically mentioning wondering about the first floor bathroom and its heavy metal blue fixtures.

Well, this morning the aforementioned Nephew Jason emailed me a link to a different realtor's listing of my old home.

And in that listing there are 38 photos, giving me a much better idea of the changes made to my old home, including the downstairs bathroom, which you see above. I'm guessing no one could figure out an easy way to get that tub out of there. Additionally I was surprised to see the tile I installed all those years ago is still there. 

The photo of the upstairs bathroom, that being the one which was mine, surprised me with the new sink. One of those trough type things which became trendy a few years back.

After I blogged about my old home zone, after that first listing which Nephew Jason sent me, Elsie Hotpepper texted me saying she was only able to see one photo. I guess the Hotpepper was curious to see what's been changed, familiar as she was with the original version, due to frequent visits...

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