Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Miss Tamara Takes Me To Lucy Park Tree Gazing Meditative Peace

 A clear blue sky has returned, banishing gray clouds to I don't know where.

I read this morning that we Spring forward this coming Sunday, with the annual arrival of Daylight Savings Time.

I am down to only two clocks which cause me vexation trying to remember how to change the time, every six months. Those two being my coffee pot and my alarm clock. I have not re-set the coffee pot since our recent bout of power going off and on. So, clearly that is not an essential clock.


The alarm clock is near my bed and tells me the time when I look its direction in the middle of the night. The alarm clock was not affected by the power outages, because it has a battery backup. 

I just remembered, I have a third electronic device which does auto switch the time.

That being the EXUBY DVR which records over the air TV. I remember the last time the time switched I was vexed to find that which I thought I had recorded not to have happened. After a couple weeks of vexation I checked the settings and saw I had to tell the device it needed to pay attention to the time switch. I don't think I had to manually make the switch, but that I just had to indicate the EXUBY DVR was in a location where such nonsense existed.

I need to confirm this serious EXUBY DVR situation.

I forgot to make mention of that photo you see above.


Today, what with the outer world being so sunny, and somewhat warm, compared to two weeks ago today, when the outer world temperature was below zero, I thought a walk at Lucy Park would be a pleasant thing to do.

I thought correctly. It turned out to be quite pleasant.

I walked the trail which trails through the Lucy Park backwoods zone. 

Recently, on Facebook, a fellow Washingtonian, Miss Tamara, posted a photo of a tree which she took whilst laying at the base of the tree, looking skyward, whilst meditating upon the serene scene.

When amongst the Lucy Park trees I looked for a similar serene scene to lay before and ponder. 

To no avail.

Eventually I let the photo you see above suffice as my looking skyward meditative tree.

Gazing skyward I did find some meditative peace. But, finding that sort of peaceful meditative place is not one of my fortes.

Fellow Washingtonian, Miss Tamara, had the benefit of spending decades honing her Bohemian life skills in Southern California, whilst I have been in Texas having anything Bohemian leached out of me.

Anyway, I sure am looking forward to that upcoming extra hour of daylight..

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