Thursday, March 4, 2021

Millions In Toxic Relationship With Texas

Yesterday we asked If The Texas Governor Is A COVID Idiot?

In addition to asking that question we answered the question by making mention of the Facebook reaction of many Texans to their governor declaring Texas back opening 100% and lifting the mask mandate.

And now on this 4th day of March, when many similar type idiots think that Trump will be re-installed today as president, Facebook provides additional reaction to the Texas governor's latest embarrassing idiocy.

We have gleaned some of what we have seen on Facebook today.

The comments to these various postings on Facebook are sort of alarming. Alarming in that it is alarming how cluelessly idiotically ignorant way too many people are.

Such as no understanding of the actual concept of freedom of speech, or freedom in general. The reality that one is not free to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theater is lost on these sorts. 

And their concept of government, in that government has no business telling citizens what to do. That a person can process the data themselves and decide for themselves whether or not to wear a mask, with no thought given to the fact that another citizen might understand the need to wear a mask, and the threat posed by those who refuse to wear a mask.

Taking these type idiot's logic to its logical conclusion why should the government decide on an arbitrary speed limit? An idiot should have the freedom to decide how fast to drive. These type idiots can apply their idiot logic to any law. 

And these same type idiots are the most ardent in demanding the government put an end to abortions.
Anyway, scroll down for a sampling of Facebook memes regarding Texas Governor Greg Abbott ending the mask mandate...

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