Saturday, February 13, 2021

Will Biden Be More Friendly To Fort Worth's Imaginary Island Than Trump?

I saw that which you see here first appearing Friday in the online version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I did not try to read the article, assuming it was hidden behind a paywall, though sometimes that paywall is easily breeched, I did not feel the need to read in order to get the gist of the latest Star-Telegram absurdity regarding Fort Worth's imaginary island and the Boondoggle of which it is only one part.

Will Biden be friendly to the Fort Worth project?

This is a public works project the public has never approved of via the voting method.

This is a public works project touted by those behind foisting it on the public as being a vitally needed flood control and economic development scheme. With that vitally needed flood control being in an area which has not flooded in well over a half century due to flood control already in place, already paid for by the rest of America.

Many have long opined that if this project is so vitally needed then why has it not been financed in the way towns wearing their Big City pants finance projects? Why has this vitally needed project limped along in ultra slow motion for two decades? Why does any sane person think federal funds should bail Fort Worth out of this mess of a Boondoggle?

The Star-Telegram choice for a photo to illustrate this project is highly ironic. See that odd structure that looks like some sort of giant trash can, or to some, like a giant cheese grater. That is an aluminum piece of kinetic supposed art. This art was installed at the center of one of the Boondoggle's roundabouts which is near one of the Boondoggle's unfinished bridges.

The Boondoggle's bridges are unfinished, after years of construction. And that roundabout, when last we saw it, was an unfinished, weed-infested mess, with that piece of art sitting there for years at the center of the unfinished roundabout. I memory serves correctly that aluminum homage to a trash can has been sitting there for as long, or longer, than the Boondoggle's three pitiful little bridges have been being built over dry land.

Oh, almost forgot the main point regarding that homage to an aluminum trash can and it being used to illustrate wondering if Biden will be friendly to the Fort Worth project.

The Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District paid a million bucks for that piece of art. The Star-Telegram has never reported on how it came to be that someone was paid a million bucks for this. As in how was this decided? Who decided? Why?

So, the question becomes if this Fort Worth project can afford to spend a million bucks on an homage to an aluminum trash can to install at the center of an unfinished roundabout, why would the more prosperous parts of America be expected to funnel money to this ill-conceived, ineptly implemented Boondoggle?

Do those who think federal money will one day be forthcoming think something like wasting a million bucks on an homage to an aluminum trash can is not going to factor into the discussion?

And won't those begging for this federal welfare be asked why those behind this project have not asked Fort Worth voters to approve some sort of funding bond? Local support for a local project in the form of approving a bond issue is usually key to securing any sort of federal matching funding. 

And won't the issue of the grifting Grangers put a big black eye on securing federal funding? Won't questions be asked as to why J.D. Granger, congresswoman Kay Granger's son, was hired as Executive Director of this project, paid well over $200,000 a year, plus multiple perks, along with J.D.'s wife also being on the payroll, along with a lot of other instances of nepotism?

Would there not be some sort of federal investigation done before investing federal funds in this project which has become such an embarrassing Boondoggle?

How come the Fort Worth Star-Telegram does not ask these type questions? Perplexing...

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