Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wichita Falls Greenbrier Walmart Power Outage Wipeout

Last night, soon before the sun set, I drove to the Walmart nearest to my location, known as the Greenbrier Walmart, due to being located on a road called Greenbrier.

This Walmart, unlike my other nearby Walmart, lost power for the same amount of time I was without electricity. 

I figured Walmarts likely have backup power generators, so as not to lose that which needs to be frozen or refrigerated.

I figured wrong.

Walking into the Greenbrier Walmart last night I instantly saw something was dire wrong. Little produce in the produce section, as you can in the next photo.

Continuing on the meat section was wiped out.

Below is the frozen food area where one finds ice cream and pizza, among other things frozen.

I don't know why Walmart tossed all the frozen stuff. It likely stayed frozen when the power went out. Stuff in my freezer stayed frozen. Stuff in the refrigerator stayed refrigerated in my refrigerator during the duration of having no electricity.

Above is where one usually finds milk products.

I wonder what all this lost stock cost? 

And below is a meme I gleaned from Facebook, giving advice about how to survive this week in Texas...

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