Friday, February 12, 2021

We Have Learned Where In The PNW Raven Took David, Theo & Ruby

A couple days ago I wondered Where In The PNW Had Raven Taken David, Theo & Ruby?

I was asked that where in the PNW question with three photos giving me hints.

I had only two guesses. One of which was correct.

Raven had taken David, Theo and Ruby to a location on Hood Canal.

The Alderbrook Resort & Spa, to be precise.

No, that is not David or Theo kayaking in the above photo. That is a screen cap taken from the Alderbrook Resort & Spa website.

The photos on the Alderbrook Resort website made me a bit homesick. The scenes shown are stereotypical Pacific Northwest scenes, particularly the lush green rain forest trail, along with the clear clean water.

Yesterday I was asked if I had found out where Raven had taken David, Theo & Ruby. Well, now you know the answer to that probing question.

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