Monday, February 22, 2021

Walking Wichita Bluff Nature Area With Nephew Jason Today


With the outer world temperature soaring into the balmy 60s, and with nary any snow or ice remaining, except for where it was piled up by snow plows, an hour before noon I took my cargo shorts and t-shirt to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area to do some communing with nature.

I stopped soon after entering the Nature Area to take the photo you see above. This is a good illustrative look at how well designed the Wichita Bluff Nature Area of the Circle Trail is.

I had not managed to get my phone back in its phone pocket when I saw an incoming call was coming in from my Favorite Nephew Jason.

So, Jason walked the Wichita Bluffs with me today.

It had been awhile since I had walked and talked with Jason, so we had a lot to talk about.

I forgot to ask Jason if he was planning on being in Cabo San Luca on May 1 for the nuptials of his cousin Christopher. I think I can guess the answer to that question.

Til learning so from Jason today I had not known that it was back being easy to drive to Seattle from Mount Vernon in an hour, due to way less traffic, due to COVID and way fewer tourists.

My last time in Washington, August of 2017, to be precise, it took us about 4 hours to get from Tacoma to Mount Vernon.

I sure am enjoying the retreat of the Polar Vortex, and the return to almost normal. Though, I still do not have hot water running from my taps. But, that is an easy problem to work around when you have electricity and water...

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