Saturday, February 13, 2021

Snow Closes Fidalgo Drive-In Taking Us Sledding Mount Vernon's Pawnee Lane

From Spencer Jack and his Favorite Dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, that which you see above and below, along with text telling us...

"We are snowed in today, unable to get to our hamburger stand. View below from our front porch looking east."

Additional text opining "Pawnee Lane would be a good sledding location today if one was able to get there."

Pawnee Lane is the location of my Mount Vernon house. It is located a couple miles northeast of Jason and Spencer Jack's abode. Mount Vernon is blessed with a lot of hills. And one mountain. I think those hills would be called mountains at my current location.

On those rare occasions when a lot of snow fell, Pawnee Lane and the other hilly lanes in my neighborhood became a sledding mecca. Because of the good street lighting the sledding would go on well after dark. Pawnee Lane is steep. I never joined the sledders. Cross country skiing around the neighborhood was what I did instead.

Below is some photo documentation of the deepest snowstorm I experienced in all my years of living in Washington. I do not remember what year this was, other than it was during the 1990s. I was stuck on my hill for over a week. Not possible to drive down the hill, let alone back up the hill.

The first photo shows the snowstorm shortly underway. This is looking out at my backyard. It was starting to get dark, so I wanted to get a photo taken, thinking it might be melted by morning. Instead the snow fell in copious amounts for hours. As you will see.

The back yard, well, it really was not a yard, it was more the back of the house. A door exited from the kitchen to the back deck and picnic table, overlooking a ravine with a creek running through it. 

And above sort of the same scene, the next morning, with the picnic table sporting a thick cover of snow.

The above is the front deck, accessed from the second floor exit. If the snow was not covering everything you would see my blueberry bushes and various planters. 

This was the view from my bedroom window, looking out at snow covered vehicles. I know the vehicle on the left is a van. Next to it looks like a pickup. There is room for two vehicles in the carport. I am drawing a blank trying to remember what those vehicles are, or why the van and pickup were not parked in the carport.

You really don't get much of an inkling from this photo that this is on a hill. You can not make out Pawnee Lane under the snow. 

When all this snow finally got around to melting, after about a week of refusing to go away, it was a mess. Frozen drain pipes broke away from the house, drains were clogged with ice. 

I hope tomorrow's predicted heavy snow does not get anywhere close to what you see above. 

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