Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Day Two Of February Plan To Lose COVID 30 On The Circle Trail

On Day Two of my February Plan to rid myself of the COVID 30 I have gained during this long period of limited activity, along with eating too much, I returned to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area. Yesterday I parked on the parking lot on the west end, today I parked on the parking lot on the east side of the Nature Area.

Being on the east side I decided to check out the progress of the Circle Trail extension which will eventually connect the Loop 11 current Circle Trail termination point to Lucy Park and the Lucy Park current termination point of the Circle Trail.

Today I walked to the end of the current progress of the Circle Trail construction. That is what you see on the left in the above composite photo documentation. On the right I turned around for the view of the completed trail, heading back to the Loop 11 bridge over the Wichita River.

If the circle of the Circle Trail is ever completed I will be able to leave my abode on my bike and roll almost 30 miles, back to my abode, making a circle around town. That sounds like something I might do once. 

In the meantime I am on a fast track to being able to once again fit into every pair of pants in my closet...

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