Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Riding To Walmart With My Arizona Sister Talking About Baklava Listening To Right Wing Nut Jobs


If I remember right I think yesterday I made mention of the fact that winter has arrived at my north Texas location.

As in the outer world has become cold.

Yesterday my Arizona sister rode long distance with me to Walmart. During the course of talking inquiry was made as to the current health status of Big Ed.

I then made mention of the various interesting products Big Ed has purchased hoping to alleviate the constant chill he finds himself shivering in.

Yesterday a pair of booties were the latest warming device to arrive. You stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stick them on your feet.

A few days ago the new thing was headgear Big Ed called a Baklava.

I told my sister about the Baklava and how ridiculous it looks, like some sorta COVID mask on steroids. My sister asked isn't Baklava a Russian pastry? I said I thought it was a Turkish pastry, and that maybe it is also the name of this type headgear.

I suspect not, though. 

So, I told my sister I would try to get photo documentation of Big Ed in all his cold gear. It is all black, from gloves to insulated pants to shoes to that Baklava thing. He looks like a possible terrorist when he is in full uniform. The topper is his new Mr. Peabody eyeglasses which make him look like a smart terrorist. I suspect if he keeps going out and about attired in this manner that eventually one of the dumb locals, of which there are many, is gonna call the police to report seeing something suspicious.

Ed refused to pose for a photo in his cold gear. So, I put the Baklava on myself and took the selfie you see above. As you can see I am wearing a tank top and thus obviously am not at all cold. But that Baklava thing quickly overheated me in the few seconds it took to aim the phone at myself.

So, that has been my excitement for today. That and going to ALDI, listening to a Rush Limbaugh replacement on the way. The Limbaugh replacements are even stupider than Limbaugh. Today's was probably the stupidest I've heard yet. He was whining about getting booted off Facebook and Twitter due to leftist claims he was spewing falsehoods. As in spewing right wing nut job election fraud nonsense.

The idiot went on and on about how the main stream media is misleading the people by not reporting all the evidence of election fraud. This moron said you have to go to OAN if you want the real news. That and when he gets kicked off Facebook you can go to Parler to his Parler page. 

How do we fix this type stupidity? Mandatory re-education camps? Yeah, that'd go over real big...

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