Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday the 13th Nature Communing Via Wichita Bluff Nature Area

It has been many months since I took myself to the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area to commune with nature and get some endorphins from aerobic stimulation gained via hiking fast up semi- steep hills. 

And so, this morning I drove to the west entry to the WBNA, attired in layers of insulative clothing material due to the near freezing, well below 50 degrees, which felt like freezing and had myself a mighty fine time doing that nature communing thing.

I wonder if someone is still building hoohoos on the Tandy Hills. I never did catch the Tandy Hills hoodoo builder in the act of construction.

Did the Tandy Hills hoodoo builder move to Wichita Falls around the same time I did, and is the culprit who builds the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area hoodoos, such as you see above?

So, that has been my excitement for this Friday the 13th. Hiking and listening to the idiotic right wing nut job filling in for Rush Limbaugh today. I can not understand how even relatively stupid people can listen to this stuff and not experience it as wackydoodle nonsense totally detached from reality.

And how is spouting what amounts to anti-American inflammatory propaganda not the same type violation of the free speech concept as the fact one can not scream "FIRE" in a crowded theater and then claim no liability for causing the ensuing stampede because its a free country with free speech where any fool can say and fool thing they want, not matter the circumstance.

So perplexing...

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