Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day Trump & Confederate Flags On Parade In Wichita Falls Walmart Parking Lot


On the short drive to Walmart, near the Weeks Park fishing pond, I was non-plussed to see a group of maybe 10 kids looking to be 10 years, or younger, with no adult figures noticeable, waving large Trump banners stuck to poles.

And then a short distance later I pulled into the Walmart parking lot and saw the pickup you see above, looking like those pickups brandishing Trump banners which assaulted a Biden bus on I-35, down south, by Austin.

I took a photo and stuck my phone back in my pocket when I saw another pickup driving through the Walmart parking lot, as if on parade, festooned with multiple Trump banners of the sort I saw those kids waving.

Walking into Walmart ahead of me was one of the guys from the flag waving pickup you see above.

No mask.

And strutting with that arrogant self righteous dumb look I have seen way too often of late.

Why do they all seem to have the same flat stupid person looking affect on their face.

Walmart was super busy. Are all these people picking up last minute supplies for their Election Watch Party, which was the reason I was at Walmart, I wondered to myself.

Soon upon entry I saw another maskless idiot. This one in cowboy mode. An older guy, wearing too tight Wrangler jeans, sporting a cowboy hat, and that same flat stupid person looking affect they all seem to wear.

And then I came upon a scary looking maskless woman, even more stupid looking than most of the maskless. How do all these people manage to have the same empty expression on their faces, at the same time looking sort of furtive, like a shoplifter worrying she's gonna get caught by the store detective.

These types seem to be sort of proud of themselves. In their simple little ill-informed, un-educated minds they must think they are exercising their rights as a free person in a free land, where no one can tell you to do something like wear a mask, even when a store and a state mandates doing so because scientific research has shown doing so to be preventative, and which has worked to greatly limit COVID in nations with non-idiot leadership.

Like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and others.

Meanwhile the Wichita Falls district had 8 more COVID deaths yesterday...

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