Friday, October 23, 2020

The Iceman Almost Cometh Early To Wichita Falls

What you see here is a screen shot taken moments ago on my phone.

I had just returned from being unexpectedly cold whilst riding my bike around my Caribbean neighborhood, and so was curious to see if the temperature was as cold as it felt.

As in freezing.

Well, as you can see the current wind is making 46 degrees feel like it is only five degrees above freezing.

And the predicted low for today is only four degrees above freezing.

I thought I was adequately attired for these frigid conditions. But, I was not. I will need to add a few layers the next time I go on a similar trek in similar conditions.

This means it is time to go on the annual hunt for wherever it is I have secured my long underwear. Usually this annual search ends in frustration and the purchase of new long underwear.

You can also see, via the screen shot, that yesterday we hit a high of 88, before a cold front blew into town.

At some point during the night I began seeing bright flashes. Eventually those bright flashes got close enough that I heard almost non-stop thunder for what seemed like hours. The booming thunder was accompanied by downpouring rain.

By morning my main way out of my abode was blocked by a temporary lake. I was able to roll my bike through a shallower escape route which was not as inundated as my regular escape route.

Methinks this October storm is a harbinger of a harsh winter, arriving soon, well, in a couple months...

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