Friday, October 9, 2020

Tacoma Trio's M Street Elementary School


Above we are seeing David, Ruby and Theo at their new school.

The Tacoma Trio no longer need to take a bus or walk to school, because they don't have to leave home to go to school.

Each student at the new school has a much larger desk than is the regular school norm. With each desk at the new school equipped with a computer connected at broadband speed to the Internet, and the source of their daily lessons.

Mama Kristen is the Teacher/Superintendent at the Tacoma Trio's new school, monitoring each student as they take their daily lesson from a small screen.

There are two recess breaks during the school day, with an hour for lunch. 

It is not known if there is any sort of sports program at M Street Elementary. With only three students in a school team sports might be a bit difficult. Maybe tennis or golf would work...

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