Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Walk With A Previously Unseen Texas Monster


Freezing rain is on the menu for the coming week.

Freezing rain sometimes turns into an Ice Storm at this location on the planet.

I do not remember if I ever experienced freezing rain during my years of living on the west coast.

I definitely do not remember ever experiencing an Ice Storm during all my years of living on the west coast.

I have experienced four or five Ice Storms since being exiled to Texas. With the first Ice Storm happening soon upon my arrival, late in the previous century.

Ice Storms coat the outer world in a thick coating of slick ice. Which makes driving and walking treacherous.

On this final Sunday of the 2020 version of October I opted to bundle up in a few layers of insulating outerwear and go for a walk on the Circle Trail.

Soon after leaving my abode and heading south on the Circle Trail I came upon the pre-historic looking monster you see above. This giant bug was moving along at a fast rate of speed, looking like it was trying to make its way to the dried up creek with its plethora of what looks like driftwood.

I think the orange part of the monster was its head, as that was at the front of the direction it was heading.

I hope this multi-legged monster is not part of some new 2020 nightmare, and that soon I will be seeing them all over, like a cockroach infestation. 

Maybe they won't survive the upcoming freezing rain and possible Ice Storm...

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