Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Art Of Mr. Dealmaker At Sikes Lake Wichita Falls Art Museum


A few days ago we wondered where the Sikes Lake Van Gogh Horse had gone. At that point in time it was noted that a plaque explaining the horse work of art had been installed. And mention at that point in time was also made over the fact that the larger of the two horse works of art had disappeared.

Still no explanation for the missing horse, which is still roaming free, somewhere, un-tethered to its artistic location.

Today whilst rolling my bike around Sikes Lake, and the Wichita Falls Museum of Art, my bike and I saw that the various works of sculptural art, arrayed around the grounds, now also have explanatory plaques sort of explaining what one is looking at.

Such as that which you see above.

Apparently the sculptors name is George Tobolwsky, sculpting, in 2012, the work of art you see above the plaque, called "Mr. Dealmaker".

Mr. Dealmaker? Is this some sort of artistic sculptural homage to the world's foremost dealmaker, the expert in the art of a deal? Mr. Donald Trump? 

The sculpture does sort of look like Mr. Trump. The way it slightly leans over, the odd formation at the sculpture's top. And is that some sort of abstract teleprompter Mr. Dealmaker is holding on to? Or a big microphone? And is that a sewer cover the Mr. Dealmaker Trump is standing on, making for some sort of symbolism of some sort?

Abstract art has always been way too abstract for my simple mind to understand...

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