Saturday, August 22, 2020

Today's Shady Walk Around Sikes Lake Without Wally Washington Or Linda Lou

I did not realize til someone called to check in on me that it has been over a week since I have done the blogging thing. It had not crossed my mind that such was the case. It ain't like there hasn't been anything of interest happening, it is just that the interesting things happening are not anything I feel inclined to verbalize in this particular venue.

Today I opted not to roll my bike wheels anywhere, but instead took myself on a walk around my neighborhood's body of water known as Sikes Lake.

I had last been to this location last Wednesday. At that point in time I was rolling my bike wheels. I stopped at the gazebo you see on the right. Linda Lou had called earlier when it was not convenient to operate my phone, so I thought stopping at the gazebo to call Linda Lou back, from a pleasant shady location, sounded like a good idea.

I stopped my bike next to that picnic table you see under the gazebo, got my phone out of the container it rides in on the bike, and just as soon as I touched the phone it made its incoming call noise. I figured it was Linda Lou, but I figured wrong.

It was Wally Washington calling.

It had been a long time since I last talked to Wally Washington. So, that turned into a long call before I got around to calling Linda Lou back.

Wally Washington was calling to inquire about his relative who had been hospitalized that morning. Come to think of it, that was also what Linda Lou was calling about.

The hospital thing is one of those interesting things I aforementioned, the details of which I have not felt like detailing in this particular forum.

Talking to Wally Washington was fun, not having done so in such a long time. We have a significant number class reunion coming up next summer. I asked Wally if he planned on going. I told Wally I had no desire to attend it, feeling like I probably would have felt in Berlin in 1936, with a reunion of my class at Berlin High School coming up, with me not wanting to attend, due to 30% of my school peers being Nazis with kids in the Hitler Youth, the other 30% ambivalent about the ongoing nightmare, and the remaining 40% being oppressed Social Democrats, such as myself.

This seems to be an apt analogy to me.

I have long been appalled at the reactionary, ignorant, ill-informed, right wing idiocy I see spewed from some with whom I attended school. I never thought of these sorts as smart way back then, yet still finding it sad to see such embarrassing evidence that the stupid don't get smarter, they just grow more obviously ignorant as the years pass.

And become Trump supporters. And Republicans. Or worse...

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