Thursday, August 27, 2020

Diabetic Empowered Goose Duck Feeding Frenzy At Sikes Lake

Last week someone in my orbit learned diabetes was the reason for mysterious weight loss and swollen feet, among various other maladies.

In addition to a daily dose of something called Metformin, the diabetic's doctor directed that a total change in food intake was needed, basically what is known as the Keto diet is what the doctor prescribed.

I proceeded to help the diabetic get rid of all the stuff which was no longer consumable, all of which is nothing I consume, and so the volume of now non-edibles was either discarded, or done with what I did today.

As in I created a goose duck frenzy at Sikes Lake by tossing shredded wheat and corn squares cereal into the water. I know one is not supposed to feed geese and ducks processed bread products, but my information sources indicated the whole grain cereal was okay.

And the birds seemed to like it. They quickly began arriving from all over the lake.

The non-bird food went into the garbage. I did not seek any other humans who might want what was left of a tub of ice cream, the remains of a box of chocolate chip cookies, apple fritters, pudding, sugar cubes and a plethora of other excessively sugar laden products.

I really don't understand how someone can eat this type stuff in copious volumes and think no harm is being done...

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