Friday, July 17, 2020

Ocean Shores Postcard From David, Theo & Ruby

A couple days ago, on Facebook, Miss Tamara posted a photo of her current view. I asked if that view was looking at Anacortes. The answer quickly confirmed that I was looking at a view from a roof in Anacortes. This led to a series of comments which eventually had Miss Tamara apologizing for making me homesick.

Anacortes is a town in Washington with multiple saltwater features, such as Fidalgo Bay and the Guemes Strait. Ferry boats launched from Anacortes take you to Vancouver Island. That is in Canada. Ferry boats also ferry you to the various San Juan Islands.

Anacortes is also the location of Spencer Jack's dad's Fidalgo Drive-In, which was made mention of in the series of comments on Miss Tamara's Facebook post, with all the comments amounting to being rave restaurant reviews.

When Miss Tamara apologized for making me homesick I replied that this was absolutely no problem, that such happened just about each and every day, of late.

Such as this morning when I found what you see above, in my mailbox.

A post card from David, Theo and Ruby.

In the photo we are looking north at the south end of the Ocean Shores beach. That skinny thing you see sticking out into the water is a manmade breakwater consisting of giant boulders, protecting the inlet into Grays Harbor. For those used to being landlocked in Texas, that body of water with the Ocean Shores beach is known as the Pacific Ocean.

The message on the postcard is what you see here, telling me the Tacoma Trio could have used my mad sandcastle building skills.

A few months ago I was just about 100% certain that at the current point in time I would be up north, in Washington, helping David, Theo and Ruby build sand castles, among other things.

The heading to the Pacific Northwest this summer thing not happening is the cause of the extreme bouts of homesickness.

 I was sort of looking forward to being there.

That and using the roadtripping method to get there. Something I had not done since July of 2001.

I was hoping to bring my mountain bike along, so David, Theo and Ruby could take me on the mountain bike trails in the park we biked a short distance the last time I was in Tacoma.

I was also hoping to do some trail hiking on Harstine Island, the location of the cabin David, Theo and Ruby have acquired since I was last in Washington. The island has a lagoon for swimming, and calm south Puget Sound water for kayaking.

Someday, maybe, the world will get back to some semblance of normal. And I will then be able to go somewhere other than my current location. I suspect that semblance of normal ain't happening anytime soon...

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