Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tacoma's Queen V Takes Me To Whidbey Costco & Texas Walmart Toilet Paper Madness

This morning, via Tacoma's Queen V, on Facebook, I saw a bizarre video documenting yester morning's opening of the Costco in Langley, Washington.

Langley is a town on Washington's Whidbey Island. I did not know there are now Costcos on Whidbey Island. Does Oak Harbor have one too?

I digress.

This video, by what I assume to be a Costco employee, shows shoppers rushing at high speed to the back of the store. Dozens of shoppers pushing shopping carts at high speed, with Costco employees admonishing them to slow down lest someone gets hurt.

For anyone not familiar with Costco, the toilet paper and bottled water is located at the back of the store, a long distance from the entry. Probably not any longer than a half mile, or so it seems.

Ever since this toilet paper/bottled water hoarding thing started happening I had paid zero attention to such when I have been in one of the two stores I frequent in this isolated American location, those being Walmart and ALDI.

So, this morning I made a point of directing myself to the Walmart toilet paper aisle, well, bathroom tissue aisle in euphemistic Walmart-speak,  and was sort of surprised to find the supply pretty much wiped out, except for the ultra-cheap generic type rolls you see above on the mostly empty shelf.

Those remaining bathroom tissues are a whopping 55 cents for a 4 roll pack. I don't know why no one has yet snapped them up...

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