Friday, February 21, 2020

Keeping Warm Coated With Lucy Park Duck Ponders

With the windy wind chill making the outer world at my location feel like the temperature was chilling below freezing there was no way I felt like layering on sufficient outerwear to make rolling my bike wheels a pleasant experience.

But, going on a walk seemed doable, yet still needing sufficient outerwear.

And so I wore a new coat which one of my favorite Washington ladies Amazoned to me a couple days before the most recent Christmas. This coat has two layers of zippers and other accouterments which totally block the intrusion of any cold wind, rain, or other annoyances.

Ironically, walking around Lucy Park today did not seem too cold. And I don't think the super coat had much to do with it. The fact that the wind had died down to dead calm likely helped.

Above, that photo you see is part of the Lucy Park Duck Pond.  This Duck Pond is the best Duck Pond I have ever seen. I think I have mentioned that before. That and the fact that I really have not seen all that many Duck Ponds.

That bridge you see above, crossing from the Wichita Falls mainland to Duck Island, looks totally innocuous.

But, instead of being innocuous, crossing that bridge makes one think it seems like it should be something inside a carnival funhouse.

We are less than a month away from the start of Spring.

I am ready to move on from the running the furnace time of the year to the running the air conditioner time of the year....

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